Dual Signed Tyrese Maxey x King Saladeen For The City

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King Saladeen, the celebrated artist known for his vibrant and dynamic artwork, has collaborated with basketball player Tyrese Maxey to create a special trading card. The trading card, undoubtedly a fusion of art and sports, adds a new dimension to the traditional memorabilia associated with athletes. In this collaboration, King Saladeen utilized his signature style to capture the essence and spirit of Maxey's career and personality but also serves a philanthropic purpose. Half of the proceeds from the sale of the trading card will go to the Tyrese Maxey Foundation, showcasing the intersection of art, sports, and charitable giving. This collaboration not only celebrates Maxey's achievements but also highlights the importance of giving back to the community, making it a meaningful endeavor for both the artist and the athlete.


Half the proceeds will be donated to:



There are 3 options:

Limited to 76 Unsigned

Limited to 25 Dual Signed

Limited to 15 Signed by Maxey


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