Breaking Old Habits

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Title: "Breaking Old Habits"

Size: 36 x 36 in. l 91.44 x 91.44 cm.

Medium:  Somerset Velvet 505 GSM

Limited to 99

Signed and numbered by King Saladeen 

A portion of the money raised from selling these Prints will be donated to the Deshaun Watson Foundation 


King Saladeen is reminding us again, through his artwork, that although the world around us might seem broken, it’s up to us to piece it back together. Titled ‘Breaking Old Habits’ the contemporary artist has taken one of his latest original works and transferred it over to print. 

Inspired by the current turmoil shaking up the world, this print not only represents digging deep to get through this dark time, in all of our lives, but it also represents letting go of our bad habits and embracing better versions of ourselves. 

To be the first print released in 2020, Saladeen’s shattered iconic "JP The Money Bear" will be printed on Somerset Velvet 505 Gram Paper making way for each intricate color to pop off the wall. Soft to the touch, there’s much more to the life-like artistic masterpiece than meets the eye. 

Overpowering warm hues are intertwined with subtle cold ones reminding us, every time our eyes lock up with the piece, that there is really a need to keep pushing no matter how much the world around us seems to crumble. 

A second glance will reveal an entirely new JP the Money Bear breaking free from a callous shell, hardened by encroaching societal norms that have defined this period in the world’s long timeline. It’s a reminder of a shell shocking metamorphosis we all need to endure in order to get ahead. 

As we adapt to the new normal we must adapt to our new selves and the “Breaking Old Habits” print is a direct monument of that. No more are we to be held back by the dark times or the excuses that have strangled us from opportunity, progression, and evolution. It’s time to adjust. It’s time to dig deep. It’s time to keep moving. 

It’s time to create, motivate, and inspire.


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